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Tariq Khan

Year of call – 1996

Tariq accepts instructions under Direct Access

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With a career at the Bar spanning over 20 years, Tariq is an experienced and powerful advocate to have on your side.

He practises in the field of Family, Immigration, and criminal law, predominantly defending clients in trials, appeal hearings, fact finding and final hearings. Tariq does considerable direct access work and is approachable and easy to work with.

Family Law

Tariq has expertise in all types of family work and regularly appears before the family courts in child arrangements, custody, and financial matters. His work often involves representation at complex fact finding hearings and trials where the allegations typically include rape, false imprisonment, assault & battery, and coercive behaviour.

Tariq is a strong advocate and is very thorough in his preparation. He has the ability to meticulously analyse all allegations in light of the available evidence. He passionately and robustly fights for his clients interests. Tariq also possesses the necessary skills to resolve a family a case when it is clearly in the interests of his client to do so.

His clients typically include professionals such as medical doctors, IT specialists, businessmen and women, and estate agents. He has recently successfully represented the Birmingham Child Trust and the Birmingham Adoption Services in an adoption case involving a complex legal point bordering on family and immigration marriage law. Tariq has successfully represented many parents of diverse background in child arrangement proceedings.

In the area of financial settlement, Tariq is regularly instructed in financial dispute hearings from the FDA and FDR hearings up to settlement of the proceedings. He has recently represented a client for whom he successfully secured a large mortgage free property and shares with a value of over one million pounds. Currently, he is representing the presenter of a prominent radio station in financial proceedings.

Immigration Law

In this area, Tariq undertakes appellate work and represents appellants before the Immigration & Asylum Chamber, Upper Tribunal, the High Court, and the Court of Appeal, where he has two reported cases: R (Tofik) v IAT [2003] EWCA Civ 1138 [2003] INLR 623 (concerned with Article 5 of the ECHR – the right to fair trial of appellants in immigration and asylum cases); ZB (Pakistan) v SSHD (2009) EWCA Civ 834 (concerning the correct approach under Article 8 of the ECHR when someone who is a parent and grandparent claims that she is dependant on a daughter and her family in the UK because of her ill – health).

He also has considerable expertise in Judicial Review work.

Criminal Law

Criminal defence is another of Tariq’s main areas of practise. He has extensive experience of defending in cases ranging from conspiracy to commit murder, ABH and GBH, complex MTIC fraud, money laundering & POCA proceedings, to human trafficking. He has appeared in the crown courts all over the country.

Some examples of Tariq’s Notable Cases:

R v FA & Others. Stafford Crown Court. Multi handed murder trial which raised tensions between members of the Asian community. After a six-week trial the Defendant was acquitted.

R v S & Others. Sheffield Crown Court. Multi hander sham marriage case involving Eastern European participants in a large-scale sham marriage operation across the North of England.

R v A A. Birmingham Crown Court. Defendant was a taxi driver accused of sexually assaulting and raping a passenger. The case received high publicity in the local taxi driver community in Birmingham. Defendant was acquitted after trial.

R v BA & Others. Birmingham Crown Court. Defendant was part of a large -scale Class A drugs operation involving 40 Defendants.

R v C and Others. Southampton Crown Court. Conspiracy involving 8 Defendants for the importation of class A drugs worth over £3 million.

R v MK. Stafford Crown Court. Represented the Defendant on retrial of a 11-hander conspiracy to traffic girls across the East Midlands.

R v SA. Leicester Crown Court. Defendant was charged with the violent rape of his wife. Acquitted after trial.

R v PA. Sheffield Crown Court. Sexual assault case which received considerable publicity in the local press.

R v JI. Bolton Crown Court. Defendant was the local ice cream man, charged for Rape of his customers. Case received considerable publicity from the local press.

R v SW and Others. Oxford Crown Court. Multi – hander robbery of a bank in Bicester.

R v TM & Others. Birmingham Crown Court. Multi – hander Kidnapping case of a restaurant worker in Banbury. Defendant was acquitted after a successful submission of no case to answer.

R v BS & Others. Luton Crown Court. Attempted murder – Prosecution dropped the case against the defendant before the close of prosecution case.

R v MW. Nottingham Crown Court. A complex Immigration fraud case – Defendant was part of a sophisticated fraud operation in order to obtain Indefinite Leave to Remain. Defendant received a suspended sentence. Subsequently, successfully defended the Deportation case.

R v P & Others. Ipswich Crown Court. Defendant was a Chinese Restaurant owner with a string of restaurants and was employing illegal Chinese workers on a large scale. The Crown was seeking £6.5 million in the POCO proceedings, but in the end received less than half a million.

R v D & Others. Liverpool Crown Court. Operation Erasure. MTIC fraud – £20 million VAT fraud involving 13 Defendants. Numerous companies had been used by the conspirators to give the appearance of being involved in the trade in high value designer goods and perfumes, whereas the intent behind such purported trade was to cheat the Public Revenue of VAT. Defendant was acquitted.

Birmingham Trading Standards v MK & Others. Birmingham Crown Court. Appeared for the defence. This was a complex Trading Standards prosecution in relation to jewellery fraud and was the first prosecution of its kind. There were multiple defendants.