Fees Transparency Policy

For non legal aid cases pricing models are usually a fixed fee based on an hourly rate so we will estimate the work required to be able to complete the item of work required.

For non legal aid cases our price range is between £75 and £750 per hour plus VAT, which is charged at 20% in all cases. The hourly rates above depend on seniority of counsel, complexity and the urgency of the work required.

We are happy to discuss alternative terms.

Any fee inquiry should be addressed to the clerks at info@hillhousechambers.co.uk

Any indication of fee or quotation does not indicate acceptance of instruction.

Outside Factors

Various factors could affect the fee indication provided and or the ability to complete work in the timescale initially indicated.  These may be:-

  • Late delivery of instructions and/or case documentation by a client resulting in the barrister not having sufficient time to meet timescales that might exist or prepare for the work to be undertaken.

  • The client failing to inform the barrister about work ordered by a court or deadlines to be adhered to resulting in the barrister not having sufficient time to meet deadlines or to prepare for the work to be undertaken.

  • Availability of the client or relevant third parties.

  • The approach taken by the other side.

  • Other cases, where instructions have already been accepted and where the barrister is instructed become listed for hearing by a court at very short notice or requiring some other immediate action resulting in the barrister not being available to complete your work.

  • Overrun in other Court hearings in which the barrister is involved. For example, a case listed by the court to last one day in fact lasts three days.

  • Where a Court has relisted/moved a matter without reference to the Barrister instructed.

  • Illness of the barrister preventing her/him from being able to undertake work.

  • Circumstances that result in the barrister having to take a leave of absence.

In addition, some members of chambers will work under an agreed Conditional Fee Agreement where it is appropriate to do so.