Areas of Law


United Kingdom immigration law is the law that relates to who may enter, work in and remain in the United Kingdom. There are many reasons as to why people may migrate; the three main reasons being seeking asylum, because their home countries have become dangerous, people migrating for economic reasons and people migrating to be reunited with family members.

Personal Immigration

Our barristers can make applications on behalf of their clients for work visas, leave to remain applications, citizenship and asylum. When an application fails they can then undertake Appeal work in the lower tribunal. We do hope at this point the appeals are successful but if not it could lead to further appeals in the court of Appeal of Judicial review.

When clients find themselves in detention on deportation matters or for example overstaying we have years of experience in making bail applications.

Business Immigration

As like personal immigration matters we offer advice, application help and application drafting on business immigration in each tier of the PBS (Points Based System) including entrepreneurs and investors under tier 1.

Are you a member of the public looking for advice on an Immigration issue involving you, a family member or friend? You can in fact instruct our barristers directly.

Please see our section on Direct Access here. We can advise you on the best course of action for your case and costs going forward.

Most of the time we work on a fixed fee basis so you know what you are paying before every piece of work.