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Motoring Law

Hill House Chambers provides its clients with expert and non-judgmental help and support on legal matters related to motoring and motoring law.

There’s a broad range of different motoring offences that could lead to some potentially severe consequences, including points on your licence, fines, driving disqualifications and even prison sentences.

Hill House Chambers solicitors specialise in driving offences and can provide expert legal advice on matters including speeding, drink driving and disqualifications. We cover a wide range of issues, including fixed penalty tickets and speeding fines, uninsured and/or dangerous driving, driving while using a mobile phone and so on.

To find out more about how our criminal law team can help you and your situation, get in touch with us to arrange a consultation, or you can make an appointment to visit us at our office. We can then take the time to go through your options and give you a clearer idea of the process, timeframes and potential costs involved.

We are able to defend all types of motoring prosecutions and we have a team of experienced road traffic lawyers available to assist with any queries you might have. It’s essential to seek the help and advice of an expert motoring lawyer to help maximise your chances of a successful outcome. As such, if you have been involved in motoring offences or have already been served a notice of intended prosecution, get in touch with us today for legal advice from our specialist team of lawyers. It is unlikely that the courts will respond favourably to unrepresented defendants and it can be very difficult to wade through road traffic law and the processes involved, which is why it can be beneficial to instruct a road traffic lawyer to speak on your behalf.

They will know how the system works and this is the best way to maximise the chances that you’ll see a positive outcome.

Driving offences can have a big impact, especially when they lead to a driving disqualification, which can have serious implications for employability. Business owners, meanwhile, may find it harder to run their affairs if they are disqualified from driving.

However, it is possible to persuade magistrates to use their discretion and take cases on an individual basis, which may mean you are allowed to keep your licence depending on your circumstances.

The Hill House Chambers team is on hand to help you with any and all issues relating to driving offences.

We can assist you with expert legal advice on the merits and potential outcomes of your case, as well as helping you draft correspondence and formal court documents, giving advice on the next steps to take in proceedings and representing you in court. If you’d like to find out more, get in touch with us today.

Frequently Asked Questions

It depends on how serious the offence is as to whether you need legal advice or not. The more serious the case, the greater the need for legal counsel.

A notice of intended prosecution is sent by the police, letting you know that they’re considering a prosecution for an alleged offence. For some offences, the offender must legally be informed that consideration is being given to a prosecution within 14 days of the offence.

One of the barristers from our motoring offences criminal law team will be booked and instructed to defend your road traffic case. Your barrister will be confirmed ahead of the hearing. Where possible, the instructed barrister will have in-depth local knowledge for the court in question.

By using a barrister, you are only paying for one lawyer who will look after your case from start to finish. Barristers are specialist court advocates with training and experience in case preparation, so everything is taken care of.

We can analyse your case papers and provide guidance and advice, either over the phone or in-person at our premises for a one-off fee of £175 + VAT. If you go on to instruct your barrister, this fee will be deduced from your final bill.

Barrister Representation & Costs

We provide specialist case preparation and advocacy for all guilty pleas, with a team of lawyers supporting you, clarifying court processes and guiding you to provide the strongest possible mitigation.

Hill House Chambers’s criminal law team includes expert motoring offence solicitors with 20 years’ experience in road traffic matters, who will be able to provide services including:

  • Ongoing support via email and telephone, as well as in-person consultations
  • Reviewing all procedural documents for accuracy
  • Preparation of complete proof of evidence to present the most compelling case to court on your behalf
  • Liaising with the court on all procedural issues
  • Obtaining evidence where necessary
  • Guidance on Statement of Means, case progression, what to expect at the hearing and so on
  • Court representation, including all preparation and pre-hearing discussions with you

Our fees explained

An example of our barrister representation costs for a basic plea and sentencing hearing would be £950 + Travel Expenses, which is payable in instalments. The first £500 is due at the time of instruction and the additional £450 + Expenses is payable seven days before the hearing is due to take place. This fee covers all the associated costs for court attendance for one hearing, including representation, preparation and reading time, as well as pre-hearing video call, travel and waiting time.

If, for reasons beyond our control or yours, the case is not concluded on the day, an additional fee of £500 + Travel expenses will be required to cover the costs associated with any subsequent hearings.

Costs may exceed the example if your hearing was listed for trial or more complex matters.