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Are you a solicitor looking for a barrister to instruct, or a member of the public looking for the right direct access barrister for your case, what should you be looking for?

It is easy for us to post an amazing CV or even testimonials from previous clients to the website which can give you a little insight into similar work undertaken but another thing you need to ask yourself is, is this barrister suited to my client or my own case?

My barristers specialize in certain areas of law and are very good at it.

Please feel free to give me a call to discuss what level of experience you or your client needs, what sort of personality you or they need and sometimes more importantly, the cost of the barrister.

I have barristers based in different parts of the UK and they are also more than happy to travel for work so wherever you have a hearing we can find someone for you.

Spencer Payne – Chambers Director


020 3026 1945 or email info@hillhousechambers.co.uk

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Immigration Law 

United Kingdom immigration law is the law that relates to who may enter, work in and remain in the United Kingdom.


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Criminal Defence

English criminal law concerns offences, their prevention and the consequences, in England and Wales

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The Royal Courts of Justice in London..j

Civil Litigation

Civil Law is the part of the UK legal system that relates to personal matters where a person believes that another individual or organisation has committed a civil wrong and can complete a claim for and send it the appropriate court.

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Mediation is a form of Alternative Dispute Resolution. It is now an important part of the litigation process...

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Family Law

Family Law covers a whole range of different disputes and claims. We provide high-level representation and easy to follow advice for parents and families in their case. 

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