• Spencer Payne

Rise Seen In Surveillance Use Among Divorcing Couples

Updated: Aug 12, 2021

Surveillance equipment is increasingly being used by divorcing couples to spy on each other, with legal experts saying that a 60 per cent rise has been seen in recent years.

Figures from Maguire Family Law show that one in five people supported by the firm used spying devices to covertly snoop on their other halves, the Independent reports.

Roger Bescoby, director at surveillance company Conflict International, observed that spyware is now much cheaper and more accessible to come by these days and people don’t have to have any specific skills in order to use such equipment.

He explained that devices have been found inside cuddly toys, model boats and even boxes of cereal kept on kitchen shelves.

Noting that any recordings made are typically not admissible in court, which includes divorce courts, because people do have a right to a private life and breaching this can, in fact, result in prosecutions.

“[Recordings]can also give rise to issues of breach of confidence and possibly data protection. Therefore, a covert recording might not turn out to be the smoking gun that the client thinks it is and worse still could open a Pandora’s box of possible legal claims for breach of privacy,” Mr Bescoby continued.

If you are considering starting divorce proceedings at the moment, do not rush into the decision and perhaps consider marriage counselling as an option first. Talk to expert legal services as soon as you can, however, as this will help you understand your legal rights.

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