• Spencer Payne

NRLA: Gov Must Address Failures To Tackle Rogue Landlords

The government must take action to address the failures in tackling rogue landlords who put tenants at risk, the National Residential Landlords Association (NRLA) has said, with the organisation now calling for a full assessment of councils’ ability to enforce the powers already available to address rogue and criminal landlords.

The government has pledged to publish a white paper that details proposed reforms for England’s private rented sector, but the NRLA has issued a warning that every measure included in the publication will fail unless robust action is taken to oust nefarious landlords.

Figures show that there are just 43 landlords featured on the database of rogue landlords in England, despite the fact that the government has previously suggested that there may be up to 10,500 in operation in the private rented sector.

The NRLA is keen to see a system that sets out clear and comprehensive rights for landlords, giving them the ability to repossess properties while balancing additional rights with strong protections for tenants.

Chief executive of the organisation Ben Beadle said: “We need to address the chronic failure to take action against rogue and criminal landlords. It puts tenants at risk and undermines the reputation of the overwhelming majority of landlords who play by the rules. As Ministers develop their plans for the sector, they need to be clear whether any of what they propose will be properly enforced.”

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