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New Visa Penalties Included In Nationality & Borders Bil

Under reforms to the nationality and borders bill, the Home Secretary will be given new powers to impose visa penalties on countries that refuse to take back their citizens who don’t have the right to be in the UK.

A £190 surcharge could be imposed on applications to come to the UK, visa processing times could be increased or visas could be suspended entirely. The aim of these measures is to make it harder for criminal gangs to exploit people and prevent dangerous illegal journeys into the UK.

More foreigin criminals are also set to be removed sooner, with changes being made to the Early Removal Scheme that will see foreign national criminals eligible for removal up to a year before their custodial sentence comes to an end, as opposed to the current nine months.

Home secretary Priti Patel said: “It is unfair on UK citizens and taxpayers that pressure is put on our public services by foreign nationals with no legal right to be here. 

“Through my New Plan for Immigration, and this landmark legislation, I will continue to take the difficult action needed to fix our broken asylum system and deliver on what the British people want – full control of our borders.”

There are three objectives of the New Plan for Immigration: to increase the efficacy of the system to protect and support those in genuine need of asylum, to more easily remove those with no right to be here and to deter illegal entry into the UK to break criminal trafficking networks and protect the lives of those in danger.

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