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Gov Boosts Voucher Scheme To Help Separating Parents

The government has invested a further £800,000 into the family mediation voucher scheme to help separating parents resolve their disputes without having to go to court.

The initial scheme was launched back in March, with couples provided with a £500 voucher to cover the costs of mediation services, with the aim being to find amicable solutions to disagreements which then, in turn, frees up space in the family courts.

It also spares parents the trauma of going through lengthy and costly battles in the courtroom, which can also have damaging consequences for children.

Mediation can often be a quicker and cheaper way of resolving disputes, involving couples working through their differences, with a trained and accredited mediator leading the way to reach agreements that both parties are prepared to accept, such as child contact times and how to split assets.

The scheme is eligible for families looking to resolve private law or financial matters that relate to children, such as financial disputes over upbringing or child arrangement orders.

Family Mediation Council accredited mediator Jane Kerr said: “The mediation voucher scheme has been invaluable in providing clients with access to mediation at a time when money is tight and finances are feeling fraught.

“I have worked with several couples who were interested in the benefits mediation offered, however were not financially in a position to get started.”

The benefits of mediation include allowing you to stay in control, so you can ensure that your child’s interests are put first. It can also be less stressful and a lot quicker than going to court, taking advantage of a safe and supported structure to sort out the best arrangements for children involved.

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