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83% Of Students Have Lived In ‘Unfit’ Accommodation

While student housing may not necessarily be the most luxurious of places in which to live, the properties in question do need to be habitable and of a certain standard - but, as newly published research has just suggested, it seems that this is not always the case.

Carried out by student work app Stint, the study found that 83 per cent of students have, in fact, lived in accommodation that could be viewed as being unfit for habitation under the Homes Act 2018, according to Property Reporter.

Calls are now being made for the government to include student accommodation providers within the forthcoming landlord register, as well as ensuring that all those breaching the law be referred immediately to the housing ombudsman.

The study found that 41 per cent of those asked have lived somewhere with mould or damp, 45 per cent have had broken window locks and doors in the property and 19 per cent have had broken smoke alarms, putting thousands of students at risk.

Despite living in these conditions, 21 per cent said they had spent 100 per cent of their maintenance loans on rent, loans that are intended to cover all living costs, from rent and food to textbooks and transport… yet it seems that hundreds of thousands are having to spend their entire loan to pay rent on substandard housing.

If you are experiencing problems such as these, talk to your landlord to try and resolve the situation initially. If nothing is done, you can then put your complaint in writing (making two copies and keeping one), so you can record what’s taking place. If the situation persists and you need further support, get in touch with Hill House Chambers for civil case advice.

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