Criminal Defence

English criminal law concerns offences, their prevention and the consequences, in England and Wales. Criminal conduct is considered to be a wrong against the whole of a community, rather than just the private individuals affected. The state, in addition to certain international organisations, has responsibility for crime prevention, for bringing the culprits to justice, and for dealing with convicted offenders.


The police, the criminal courts and prisons are all publicly funded services, though the main focus of criminal law concerns the role of the courts, how they apply criminal statutes and common law, and why some forms of behaviour are considered criminal.

We cover hearings in the Magistrates court with our expertise in motoring offences like speeding, no insurance and  drink and drug driving. 

Are you a member of the public looking for advice on any Criminal Law issue involving you,  a family member or friend? You can in fact instruct our barristers directly.


Please see our section on Direct Access here.  We can advise you on the best course of action for your case and costs going forward.


Most of the time we work on a fixed fee basis so you know what you are paying before every piece of work.


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